A fantastic opening at Icon Gallery

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Thanks to all who were able to make to the opening of “[Outside] In” at the Icon White Gallery on Saturday, and for those who couldn’t, the show will continue until March 3, and then any remaining works will be part of a continuing subsequent exhibition. I’ve put together a short video tour of the Gallery, with photos of the works, go to this youtube link to take the tour…


“5 Quarters of the Pacific” opening at the Icon ‘White” Gallery

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Thanks to all for the successful opening of the “5 Quarters of the Pacific” collaborative show on June 28! I was honored to join 4 other venerable Marlborough-based artists on my first collaborative set of works. The opening event also celebrated the grand reveal of the new “white-wall” gallery at Icon, as well as individual works from each of the 5 participating artists. I presented 2 new freestanding pieces, which are some of my most accomplished works to date.


NZ Art Show in Wellington

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The NZ Art Show in Wellington is coming up, and my work will be in it! I just shipped off 3 new wall sculptures to be exhibited at the juried show on July 26th-28th, at the TSB Arena. Come check it out!

For a quick intro to the 3 wall sculptures (“Rarangi”, “Banked” and “Fallen”) you can watch the youtube video tour (link below) or look them up in the “Sculpture” gallery…


Lamps galore…

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I’ve been living in Glassville for the past few months, producing a large series of lamps and leaded glasswork for furniture… and they’re finally done! At least the current round of commissions. I think there are a few “hits” that are worth repeating in the bunch. Check out the “Lighting and Glass” gallery for many more new (and larger) photos!

Launch party!

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We’re goin’ live- welcome to the new site! After years of having a static, sub-par website, I’m happy to have one that will actually get updated and used. Thanks for joining the SITE LAUNCH PARTY!

Solo show at the Refinery Gallery

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The big solo installation at the Refinery in Nelson (NZ) over Jan/Feb of 2011 was a big success! I had 63 works in total displayed over the 2 main galleries, some of it finished just in time for the opening. I divided the 2 rooms into loose categories, with the large space (“outerspace”) filled with the edgier, more modern sculpture and painting works, and the smaller “innerspace” contained the lighting, photography and domestic items. We served top-shelf Seresin wines at the opening party, and had great support from all our friends there.

The Refinery is a great space- good lighting, high ceilings, a rough old building, but with character. A good spot for this show. I did a walk-through tour video- click on the Youtube link below to watch!


Click here to watch youtube video…